Martyrs of May remembered in Frankfurt

A memorial service to pay tribute to the Kurdish freedom movement’s Martyrs of May of the took place in the German city of Frankfurt.

In the Frankfurt city of Germany, a memorial event was held on Sunday for the martyrs of the Kurdish freedom movement, who have died in the month of May since the beginning of the liberation struggle four decades ago. Among those present at the event were members of the Council of Martyrs’ Members.

The commemoration was opened with a speech by Mother Azize, a long-time activist of the Kurdish liberation movement. In her speech, she pointed out the role of the May martyrs, among whom are several leading figures. "To reclaim their struggle is to reclaim the martyrs. The month of May is also the month of pioneers who paved the way for the resistance", said Mother Azize.

After further speeches, a round table discussion about the current events in Kurdistan took place. The event was concluded with the slogan "Şehîd namirin" (The martyrs are immortal).