Maduro says communication lines with US are silent

President of Venezuela says armed incursion in his country was "covert operation ordered by US President Donald Trump."

In an exclusive interview with teleSUR, Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela, reiterated the armed incursion against the South American nation on 3 May was a covert operation ordered by US President Donald Trump.

Maduro said: "It was a covert operation ordered by Donald Trump, outsourced to Silvercorp (...) supported by Iván Duque (President of Colombia), and with a contract signed by Juan Guaidó (...) that aimed to assassinate the President, " said the Venezuelan leader.

The president also criticized that U.S. authorities waited 48 hours after the armed incursion to give a statement on the events, saying that Trump's reaction "is incredible and nervous, which initiates a set of strangely late responses."

A US mercenary captured in Venezuela confessed that the failed plot was to bring President Maduro to the US. 

Maduro added that they currently do not maintain communication with US authorities, despite having tried to establish a dialogue through different channels.

"Not at this time. There have always been communication links, but after 3 May they were cut ... we have used three different routes that we have with three different officials from the Donald Trump government and they are completely silent."