London hunger strikers meet with public

London hunger strikers against the isolation met with the public. The necessity of actions compatible with the spirit of the process was stressed in the meeting.

Ali Poyraz, Nahide Zengin and Mehmet Sait Yilmaz who have been on indefinite non-alternating hunger strike in London since March 14 have met with the public today.

A panel discussion was held in the London Democratic Kurdish Social Centre where hunger strikers called to increase the resistance.

The hunger strikers said there is no level of activity that corresponds to the spirit of the process yet, and stated that everybody should take more responsibility and participate more to grow the struggle.


Hunger striker Ali Poyraz said the Kurdish people have paid a great price for years and carried the struggle to this day, that the hunger strikers are ready to pay the price today, and that the struggle must be grown to avoid further cost. Poyraz said:

“The Turkish state’s history is fraught with massacres. History of the Kurds is a history of resistance. The Kurdish people have been resisting for years, and now we need to increase our organization to carry this resistance to victory. History will be written by the resisters. Today the Kurdish people resisting in Kurdistan and everywhere, Kurdish women in particular, will tear down fascism. Yes, all friends in the resistance said numerous times that they are ready to pay whatever price necessary, but we say we must grow the organization without the need for more cost, and carry this struggle to victory.”


Hunger striker Mehmet Sait Yilmaz said there is no level of activity that corresponds to the spirit of the process yet. Yilmaz said:

“In all four parts of Kurdistan, the enemy’s genocidal approach to the Kurdish people continues in all areas. They are planning new massacres. The Kurdish people resist in all areas as well. Today thousands of resisters, led by Leyla Guven, have taken over the legacy of Kemal Pir, Mehmet Hayri Durmus, Akif Yilmaz and Ali Cicek and the flag of resistance. We still haven’t been able to amplify the voice of these resisters enough. There is no level of societal activity that corresponds to the spirit of the process yet, unfortunately.

We offer our serious self criticism in this matter. We must increase the resistance in all areas, we must make these cries heard. This process is our historic responsibility.”


Hunger striker Nahide Zengin pointed to the leading mission women have taken on in the toughest processes. Zengin said:

“This morning I read a statement by one of the mothers from Amed in the Peace Mothers Initiative. The mother said ‘We will only struggle from now on, our only life will be in the struggle now.’ Yes, this is how life should be during this process, more struggle, more resistance. In 40 years of Kurdish national struggle, Kurdish women have always had a leading mission. In these days when the process is blocked, when silence grows, when there is conflict, they have always given a new spirit to the process with their sacrifice actions. Today we salute all comrades who gathered around the ‘Break the Isolation, Tear Down Fascism, Free Leader Apo’ motto under the lead of Leyla Guven.”