LNA Spokesman: Militiamen sent to Libya are Erdoğan’s victims

The spokesman of the Libyan National Army, Ahmed al-Mismari, describes the "Roj Peshmerga" sent to Libya by Erdoğan as victims of Erdoğan’s politics.

Ahmed al-Mismari, spokesman of the Libyan National Army (LNA), declared that the Kurdish and Libyan people are fighting on the same front against "terror and occupation".

At a press conference on 13 March, Mismari announced that among the militiamen sent by Turkey to support the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Tripoli, there were so-called "Roj Peshmerga".

The "Roj Peshmerga" are counter-militias recruited by the South Kurdistan’s KDP government and the Turkish government from collaborators who were set up against the revolution in Rojava. Mismari stressed that these people were not considered by him as representatives of the Kurdish people.

Mismari said on Ronahî TV by telephone: "The information that we have published concerns the terrorist groups sent by Turkey to our country. We have shared information about the terrorists who were trained, armed and brought to our country by Turkey. This information is well documented by our military units."

According to the LNA, the militiamen sent to Libya belong to a structure of the Turkish secret service MIT called "Bozkurtlar" - "Grey Wolves".

"They are victims of Erdoğan’s politics"

About a captured "Roj Peshmerga", Mismari said: "This person was arrested during a battle in Tripoli. We were very surprised to see a Kurd among the terrorists. Of course there are people from many countries among them. But it is known that there are Kurds from northern Syria who were trained by the Turkish state in northern Iraq. We are talking about Kurds who supported the Turkish state. We have a lot of information about them and we consider them as victims of Erdoğan’s politics. This has a negative impact on the Kurdish struggle." The detained person is said to be Kurd "Şakir Ferman Salih Bonciq Hîrfekê", he is said to be a member of the "Roj Peshmerga".

"We are fighting together with the Kurds"

Mismari went on to say: "Most of the militiamen sent by Turkey are members of the ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorist groups. I want to emphasize once again that we are fighting on one front with the Kurds against terror and we will fight together with our Kurdish brothers and sisters against the Turkish occupation.”