Land feud leaves 6 dead in Siverek

The land dispute between two families in Siverek district of Urfa turned into a bloody confrontation: 6 people were killed and 5 injured.

A land dispute in the neighborhood of Çeltik in Siverek ended in tragedy: Rıdvan Buluş (30), Serdar Delen (31), Zozan İzol (42), Mustafa Serdar (24), Meral İzol (42) ve Hakkı İzol (49) lost their lives as a result of the feud.

Rıdvan Buluş and Serdar Delen did not have anything to do with the confrontation but they lost their lives as a result of an accident with the car in which the responsible of the feud were escaping. 

Yusuf Rojhat Izol, Cihan Izol, Serhat Ferman Izol, Cemal Izol and Mehmet Metin Izol were injured in the confrontation and were taken to different hospitals. 

Following the bloody feud Gendarmerie and police officers were dispatched to the scene and an investigation was launched.