Labour MP Russell-Moyle condemns Turkish attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria

The Kurdish national struggle will “go down in the history books” as this generation’s equivalent of the Spanish Civil War, Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle said at the fringe organized at the Labour Party conference.

Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle said at a party conference fringe meeting, that the revolution in Rojava, was comparable to the anarchist revolution in Barcelona in 1936.

At the meeting, organised by the Freedom for Ocalan campaign, he said: “They have defeated Isis, who were a global fascist threat. They have created a system based on equality where women have joint leadership in all positions.”

Mr Russell-Moyle, who has visited the area as part of a delegation organised by Unite and the Centre for Kurdish Progress, called for solidarity with Northern and Eastern Syria and criticised the Turkish government’s “constant assault” on it.