Kurds in Russia protest Turkish attacks on guerrilla areas

Kurds in Russia protested Turkish state’s attacks on guerrilla areas and the silence of international community.

Kurds living in Russia protested the Turkish state’s comprehensive attacks on Medya Defense Areas in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq where a large-scale military operation has been going on since last Friday.

Kurds living in Novoaleksandrovsk district in Stravrapol region in Russia stressed that the Turkish state will not be able to accomplish the objectives of these attacks. The crowd gathered in front of the Kurdish Cultural Center and made a statement to the press.

Speaking here, co-chair of Kurdish Cultural Center Hüseyin Axmedov and Council Member Mustafa Asayev expressed that Turkish state will be completely defeated as in Gare.

Pointing out the Turkish state’s violation of international laws and using chemical weapons, speakers voiced reaction to the silence of the public opinion. The speeches expressed that: “USA, European countries and international forces reveal their manners by keeping their silence. The UN, EU and USA must immediately give up supporting the policies of annihilation and denial against Kurdish people.”