Kurds in Hanau call on peoples to oppose fascism

After the racist attack, the Kurdish community centre in Hanau said: "We are angry and sad. Let's oppose fascism, let's stop the racist attacks!"

The local Kurdish community centre has spoken out following the racist attack in Hanau on Wednesday evening. The members made a statement in front of the association building holding the photos of the two Kurdish victims Ferhat Ünvar and Gökhan Gültekin in their hands.

Emin Deniz, co-chairman of the Kurdish association Kawa, explained that the bloody attack was not the first attack on people with a migration background. He said that the Kurds in Hanau were angry and sad and called on everyone to oppose fascism and stop racist attacks. Deniz also demanded a complete clarification of the crime; "So far the authorities did not inform us about the dead and injured. We demand this", he said.

Meanwhile, it came out that Ferhat Ünvar is the son of Serpil Temiz, an employee of the daily newspaper Yeni Özgür Politika. The newspaper said: "We are deeply shocked by the brutal racist crime in Hanau. Among the victims is Ferhat Ünvar, the son of our volunteer supporter Serpil Temiz. Our sincere condolences and deepest sympathy go to the families of the victims."