Kurds call on the UN to stop daily Turkish attacks across Kurdistan

Since the beginning of 2021, activists have protested the Turkish attacks on Rojava and other parts of Kurdistan with a vigil in Geneva, in front of the UN headquarters.

A vigil by the Democratic Kurdish Community in Switzerland has been taking place in front of the UN headquarters in Geneva since 25 January 2021. Every Wednesday, activists march in front of the United Nations building to demand the release of Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan. This week the focus of the protest event was on the occupation attacks in Kurdistan carried out by Turkey with the support of some world powers.

During today’s action, which began with a minute of silence in memory of Kurdistan Freedom Martyrs, activists denounced the deadly Turkish attacks across Kurdistan territory.

Speaking here, Kurdish People’s Assembly representative Mustafa Altunbaş denounced the Turkish wave of indiscriminate attacks against women, children and the civilian population in Kurdistan since April 2021. He continued, “These attacks are not carried out on Turkish initiative alone. Having suffered a defeat against the resistance of the PKK guerrillas and the Kurdish people, the Turkish state resorted to uninterrupted attacks with NATO support. The Kurdish people and the guerrillas put up this resistance against NATO-affiliated powers as well. The silence of states on these attacks derives from their hostility against the Kurdish people. They seek to annihilate the achievements and status of the Kurds. While the guerrillas are already doing their part, what we need to do is to make their voice heard in the squares. We will continue our actions until the freedom of our leader is achieved.”

Politician Nurettin Turgut, who moved to Turkey as part of a “Peace Group” after years of life in Maxmur Refugee Camp and was forced to find asylum in Europe due to attacks, spoke afterwards and condemned the Turkish attacks on Maxmur.

“This war is waged against our children, our women, and our leader. Our friends and comrades are martyred in targeted attacks every week. In response to these attacks, we stand before the UN and try to make our voice heard. The whole world watches in silence as the Maxmur Refugee Camp under UN protection is bombed. On this occasion, we ask the UN once again; why are you silent in the face of these attacks? Why do you raise no voice against the killing of our children and women? We reject this savagery and want you, too, to curse and stop supporting it. The people of Maxmur have been resisting for 30 years and we will resist for another 30 years. All the world states and the UN should know this well.”

The action concluded with a call for strong participation in the central rally to be held in Zurich on 3 September.