Kurds and their friends celebrate Newroz in Rome

Today in Rome, Kurds and their friends will celebrate Newroz 2024, the Kurdish New Year.


The celebration will start at 5pm at Ararat Socio-Cultural Center, in Largo Dino Frisullo.

After the opening speeches, there will be a performance of Kurdish dances and of Frente Murguero Romano.

Two books will be presented, “I left the rifle in the mountains” by Yüksel Genç and “Berxwedan” by Laura Schrader.

A theatre play called “I go, mother” by the Teatro Musica Voci company.

Live music will follow with Kani Bilal, Jurema, Mathieu Clavel & Subhajit Brahmachari as well as Assalti Frontali.