Kurdistan People's Initiative condemns killing of HDP member

The Kurdistan People's Initiative issued a statement condemning the killing of HDP member Deniz Poyraz at the HDP Izmir Provincial building on Thursday morning.

In a written statement, the Kurdistan People's Initiative said: “The colonialist fascist AKP government is carrying out massacres against our people using state gang organizations such as ISIS. The colonialist fascist government, which has been defeated by the glorious resistance of our freedom struggle, wants to kill, scare and intimidate our civilian people. It is no coincidence that a woman, Deniz Poyraz, was targeted. They opened the door to mass murder and attacks with this brutal attack.”

The statement added: “Now the knife has got to the bone, this is not a time to be silent, they are killing us, they are slaughtering us. Every individual with honour, conscience and morals should take to the street and say stop to violence. Silence is massacre and genocide, silence is death for every Kurdish, every socialist, every democratic and patriot. Tomorrow can be too late. Today everyone should do whatever he/she can. Everyone should leave their homes or workplaces, take to the street, show the courage to shout in front of their house, raise their voice. We should unite our strength to stop these massacres. This is the time of resistance. Down with the fascist AKP government, long live the heroic resistance of our people.”