Kurdish students' associations in Europe write open letter to Kurdish students protesting in Bashur

An open letter was sent from student unions and Kurdish students' associations in Europe to the Kurdish students who have bravely taken to the streets in Bashur demanding their right to education.

Kurdish students' associations in Europe wrote an open letter to the Kurdish students protesting in Bashur and demanding their right to education. 

The letter said: "As student unions and Kurdish students in the UK, Germany and France we affirm our solidarity with the university students protesting in Kurdistan. We call on the Kurdistan Regional Government to listen to your demands and reform the corrupt political system which has created the unlivable conditions, driving you to risk your lives. We condemn your inhumane treatment by the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Kurdistan Union Party (PUK) and call upon student unions and educational institutions in Europe to demand en end to the mistreatment  of the students in South Kurdistan."

The letter continued: "These protests are not occurring in isolation, but as a result of decades of  greed, cronyism and corruption on behalf of the KDP and PUK. These parties have imposed a highly centralized, plutocratic capitalism on the people of  Kurdistan, leaving not only students but millions of ordinary Kurds struggling to survive - while the families of the ruling parties enjoy lives of luxury. As we saw last week with the tragic death of 27 refugees trying to cross from France to the UK, many of them Kurdish, the same factors which drive students to the streets in South Kurdistan drive refugees to risk their lives traveling to Europe. Power must be taken out of the hands of the few, to create a democratic and decentralized system where the region's vast wealth is used for the benefit of all."

The letter was signed by Kurdistan Students' Union (Europe), Kurdistan Women's Student Union (Europe), Kurdistan Students' Union (UK) and Union Sydincale Etudiante (Belgium)