"Kurdish songs threaten prison security"

Because Leyla Güven and eight fellow inmates in Elazığ Women's Prison danced to Kurdish songs, the court considers the order and security of the prison threatened. The Kurdish politician's legal counsel has lodged an objection.

In the justification for the one-month contact ban imposed on Kurdish politician Leyla Güven and eight fellow prisoners in the women's prison in the province of Elazığ in August because of Kurdish songs, the prison court argues that the singing endangers the security of the prison. The legal counsel for Leyla Güven and the other political prisoners concerned had appealed the decision, and the appeal was rejected in mid-September.

Leyla Güven had attempted to defend herself against the accusations in Kurdish. However, in the reason for refusing the appeal, which has now become known, it is stated that Güven had exercised her right to refuse to testify because she did not want to pay for an interpreter. How dancing to Kurdish songs is supposed to have endangered the "order and security" of the penal institution is not clear from the reasons for the verdict. Leyla Güven's legal counsel has announced renewed appeals and wants to take the case to the criminal court in Elazığ.