Kurdish politician Eskicioğlu died of a heart attack in prison

Jailed Kurdish politician Hasan Eskicioğlu lost his life as a result of a heart attack.

Kurdish politician Hasan Eskicioğlu (49), a former president of the People's Democracy Party (HADEP) Nusaybin District, who was arrested around 7 months ago accused of "being a member of an illegal organization", died as a result of a heart attack in Mardin E Type Closed Prison.

Eskicioğlu had been candidate to be a mayor candidate for the HDP in Nusaybin earlier this year.

His body was taken to Mardin State Hospital morgue and will be buried in Nusaybin today.

During his time in prison Eskicioğlu had once before suffered a heart attack and had been transferred to prison again after treatment in the hospital. Eskicioğlu objection to the detention was not accepted.