Kurdish people take to the streets in many German cities

The Turkish state's occupation attacks against northern and eastern Syria have been protested in tens of cities in Germany and were joined by tens of thousands of people.

Here are some photos and videos of the demonstrations.


The attacks of the occupying Turkish state against Rojava were protested in Wupperta. Thousands of people participated in the protest in front of the city's busiest street Ctiy Arkaden.


Thousands of people joined the demonstration in support of the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria in Berlin.


In Saarbrücken, thousands of people gathered in front of the Europagals to protest the invasion of Rojava by the Turkish state.


Thousands of people marched in front of the Turkish Consulate in Hamburg to protest the occupation attempts of the Turkish state against Rojava.

Speaking on the march, KNK representative Serhat Çetinkaya stated that the Kurds should take to the streets with the spirit of mobilization against the invasion attempt.

Hamburg DIe Linke MP Cansu Ozdemir said that "Erdogan is a fascist, hostile to the revolution led by women."

Anja Flach, a writer and women's rights activist, condemned the countries that remain silent against Erdogan fascism.

Towards the end of the march, German police blocked the road to the consulate. Teenagers who wanted to walk to the Consulate were attacked with pressurized water and tear gas and dozens were injured.

A mass rally will be held at the Sternschanze train station in Hamburg at 3 pm on Saturday.


Hundreds of Kurds and their friends protested the occupation of Rojava carried out by the Turkish state in Göttingen.


The Kurds and their friends have been protesting uninterruptedly in Nuremberg for 3 days. 


Kurds living in Stuttgart and their friends came together in Kobanê square to protest the invasion of Rojava carried out by the Turkish state.

Representatives of DTKM, MLKP, PARTİZAN, PYD, MLPD, Initiative Kurdistan, DTKM, AABF-BW also participated in the action.


Kurds and their friends held a demonstration in Tübingen. They gathered at Holzmarkt to protest the Turkish state's invasion of Rojava.

Reutlingen and Tübingen DKTM councils, Die Linke, MLPD members also participated in the rally.

Die Linke Heike Hansel, member of the Federal Parliament addressed the crowd.


In the city of Giessen, the protests continue on the 2nd day. 

People gathered at Berlinerplatz protested the Turkish state's invasion of North East Syria.


In the city of Darmstadt, the action was held at Luisenplatz. Hundreds of people protested the Turkish state's invasion of northern and eastern Syria.


The protest organized in Essen saw the participation of 6 thousand people. Co-chair of the Essen DKTM Yılmaz Gültekin, Att. Roland Masitarin, and MLPD representatives addressed the crowd.


500 people joined the action in the city of Gelsenkirchen to protest the Turkish state occupation of North and East Syria.


A mass protest was organized in Freiburg. Hundreds of people gathered in Alte Synagoge Square and walked to the city center.


In the city of Siegen, the occupation attacks of the Turkish state against North and East Syria were protested by a mass protest.