Kurdish parties and organisations reject the US decision

Over 82 Kurdish parties, organisations and personalities rejected the US decision to put a bounty on 3 senior PKK figures and proposed plan for action.

Over 82 Kurdish parties, organisations as well as several personalities, got together in Brussels to attend the meeting promoted by the KNK-Kurdistan National Congress to discuss the US decision to put a bounty on three senior PKK leaders, Cemil Bayık, Murat Karayılan and Duran Kalkan.

Among the participants at the meeting were Kongra-Gel, PJAK, KODAR, YNK, PYD, Komele, Socialist Democratic Kurdistan Party, El Party Demoqrati Kurd, Partiya Komunista Kurdistan, Partiya Çep a Kurd li Suriya, Partiya Kesk a Kurdistan, Hizbi Komunisti Krekari Kurdistan and parties such as the Democratic Party of Soraya, as well as civil society organizations such as HDK-Europe, KCDK-E, TJK-E, PKAN, FEDA, Tev-Chand, Institute Kurdi, KOMAW, Kurdipedia.

The speeches made at the meeting emphasized the need to take a national position against the US decision. Several proposals to counter the decision were also made.

Representatives of the Kurdish organizations emphasized that the US decision was not only against the PKK, but against all Kurds and stressed the need for a common struggle.

Hatip Dicle proposed actions to counter US decision

Speaking at the meeting, former DTK Co-Chair Hatip Dicle said the United States decision is the continuation of the international conspiracy. The senior Kurdish politician proposed a series of actions against it.

Hatip Dicle said the US decision was antidemocratic and added: “I am condemning this decision. It is an unethical decision. They want to punish all Kurds through three senior Kurdish freedom movement figures. This is the continuation of the international conspiracy started in 1999 against Kurdish people’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.”

Dicle also stated that a campaign against this decision should be initiated and listed the following actions:

1- Based on the decision of the Strasbourg European Court of Justice and the Belgian Court of Justice, a case must be filed in the United States.

2- Starting a petition with the participation of all parties, organizations, institutions and personalities in the 4 parts of Kurdistan and in many countries of the world. These signatures should be sent to the US Department of the State.

3- Famous personalities, writers and journalists should write articles to the world's highest circulation newspapers against this decision.

4- Mailing the final declaration of this meeting to the US Department of State.

Ali Kerimi: There are conditions for national unity

Author Ali Kerimi said that Duran Kalkan, Cemil Bayik, Murat Karayilan have been involved for the past 40 years in fighting for the freedom of the Kurdish people.

"The US Secretary of State decision - he said - is neither moral nor humanitarian. I protest against it. It is an international anti-Kurdish offensive, but it can be solved by national unity.

If we are not united, this kind of problems will not end. Today there are the conditions to create this union. In the past, we had problems, but not today. Everyone knows where Cemil Bayık is. We know the attitude of the USA. On the one hand, in the past, Yasser Arafat was shown as a terrorist and on the other hand a candidate. Their attitude should not bind us. What binds us is the attitude of the Kurds. That is what matters."

Gündüz: Kurdish women reject this decision

Speaking on behalf of TJK-E, Movement of Kurdish Women in Europe, Sabiha Gündüz condemned the US decision and said: “You cannot play games with Kurds. We won't allow it. Because the Kurds are writing history today. We denounce this decision as the Kurdish women's movement. We will struggle in every field.”

Mohamedi: US should abandon this policy

Speaking on behalf of Komele Sazmani Kurdistan Hizbî Koministî-Iran, Çiya Mohamedi criticized the US decision and called for an end to this policy. Expressing that the United States is a colonial power, Mohamedi called on all Kurdish parties and organizations to “join in a common struggle against this decision”.

Serbilind: No decision will be taken if you stand united

Ismetiya Kurdistan (PIK) President Hikmet Serbilind reminded that all colors and beliefs are in Kurdistan. “The enemies of these colors are many. The biggest enemies are the Islamic states. The decision of the United States is not an independent decision. All Kurdish organizations should protest against this decision.”

Şexani: Kurds have many enemies

Speaking on behalf of PYK-S Wehdê, Mistefa Şexani said: “Throughout history the enemies of the Kurds have played this role time and time again. Today’s decision is a continuation of this.”

Jamal: A shame for the international community

Speaking on behalf of the Communist Kirêkarî, Deştî Jamal said that this decision was taken to please Turkey. “This decision - he added - is a shame for the international community. Kurdish parties and organisations need to take a hard stance against this decision. Because there is no justification for it.”

Erkan: The PKK is the will of the people

Hüseyin Erkan, on behalf of the KAWA movement, said that the PKK has been struggling for Kurdish freedom for a long time and added: “The PKK is the will and representative of the Kurdish people. This is the way we see it. If we give up to this, worse things will happen.”

Şali: Decision taken against the Kurds

Speaking on behalf of Yekgirtuyi Islami Kurdistan, Aras Şali said: “We condemn the US decision. It is a decision against Kurdish interests. Everyone should join a common struggle against it.”

Aryo: Need to struggle together

Georg Aryo, the representative of Kongreya Gelê Mesopotamia, emphasized that all groups should take a common position against the US decision.

Şetewî: We reject this decision

Professor Hesen Şetewî, in his speech, condemned the decision and said that Kurds will reject it.