Kurdish Democratic Society Center: Kurds can't be used as political pawns

The Kurdish Democratic Society Center in Sweden said that the government should take a stand on the Kurdish freedom struggle and Swedish-Kurds' rights.

The Kurdish Democratic Society Center in Sweden (NCDK-Sweden) issued a statement saying that the Swedish government should take a stance on the Kurdish freedom struggle.

The statement said: "In the last days of discussions on possible Swedish NATO membership, dictator Erdogan said to block Swedish membership because he believes that Sweden supports us Swedish-Kurds and the Kurdish freedom struggle. In this political game, the Turkish government made demands for the extradition of Swedish-Kurds and that the Swedish government take a stand against the Kurdish freedom fighters who defeated the terrorist sect Daesh / IS. It is therefore a fact that we Kurds once again being used as a pawn in the international political game as Sweden and Turkey have ended up in the spotlight of."

The statement added: "To understand today's statements by the dictator Erdogan even better, we must also look to the situation in Turkey and the Middle East. Turkey is approaching an election and Erdogan's figures have not been so low for many years.  Meanwhile, Erdogan's support for the terrorist Islamic State in Syria failed because the Kurdish freedom fighters carried out a resistance that no one had expected."