Kurdish artists and intellectuals in Europe call for national unity

Kurdish artists and intellectuals denounced Turkey’s attacks on Medya Defense Zones and called upon the KDP to “stand against Turkish invasion and take a step for national unity”.

Kurdish artists and intellectuals gathered in the Cologne city of Germany on Friday and warned the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) which is involved in the occupation attack of the Turkish state in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

A statement made in the name of Kurdish artists pointed out the “historic process bearing great risks for the Kurds” and denounced “the invading Turkish state which has been committing a crime against humanity in South Kurdistan (Bashur) for over three months and waging a genocidal war against the guerrilla and the Kurdish people for all the world to see”. The statement pointed out that the “fascist and occupant Turkish state also tries to use some Kurdish circles and especially the KDP for its own goals and drag it into a fratricidal war”.

Remarking that this war targets Kurdish national unity, the statement continued, “Mobilizing its own special forces, the KDP wants to legitimize the Turkish invasion and obstruct the guerrilla struggle. We as Kurdish artists say that KDP should withdraw its forces from guerrilla areas, clarify its stance on Turkish invasion and take a step for national unity.”

“No Kurdish party or force should stand with the historical enemy of this people, said the statement and called on intellectuals and artists in all parts of Kurdistan, mainly in Bashur, to “respond to the KDP which serves the Turkish state”. The statement underlined that it is a historical and moral responsibility to stand against a conflict among the Kurds before things get to a point of no return.


​​​​Speaking here, Hozan Diyar said that it’s a shame to have an intra-Kurdish conflict on the agenda once again today. He continued, “Unfortunately, we are again talking about the threat of a conflict among the Kurds. We should recognise our enemy well. Erdogan is no different from Saddam. For Kurdish people, Erdogan means what Hitler meant for the Jews. Today, it is a great shame if we still do not recognise our enemy. If we recognise it and become an accomplice, it is an even greater shame.”


Speaking after, Şivan Perwer said, “Kurdish politics shouldn’t allow a fratricide by any means. The fate of the four parts (of Kurdistan) depends on each other. As all of our leaders have said, a threat against a part of Kurdistan will also pose a danger for other parts. This is something our enemies know well. What the Turks do is to pit peoples against each other. Nobody should be deceived by this. What matters today is the self determination of the Kurds. We are the children of the Kurdish people, as are the peshmergas and guerrillas.”

Addressing to Masoud Barzani, Perwer said, “There is a need for the spirit of unity. It is not time to fight. Do not let peshmergas and guerrillas, our children, to be killed at each other’s hands.”


Artist Ganî Nar said, “We as Kurdish artists want to read our poems and sing our songs for Kurdish national unity, peace and freedom of Kurdistan. There will be no winner in this war and it will only be the Kurdish people to lose. We cannot present those killed in this war as heroes. There can be no heroism in the case of fratricide.”


Statements of other artists who participated in the press conference are as follows:

Beser Şahin: “We, Kurdish artists, have struggled with our ballads for an end to these wars from past to present and we will continue to do so. The Kurdish people are conscious and will not be deceived by these schemes of conflict. Mr. Masoud Barzani, you gave us your word when we talked in Bashur. Do not forget your word.”

Nebes Abdullah: “All Kurds know the fascist and occupant nature of the Turkish state. Our enemy is not in Qandil. Our enemy is the Turkish state. From Shengal to Kirkuk in Bashur, and in four parts of Kurdistan, Kurds should unite and not make the enemy happy.”

Kakşar Oremar: “No force can triumph over the people. Kurdish enemy Erdoğan attacks wherever we have gains. Guerrillas and peshmergas are the children of this people.”

Peywan Arjîn: “The Turkish state relies on anti-Kurdishness whenever it ends up in dire straits. I call out to the forces in Bashur in the first place. An intra-Kurdish conflict would mean self-destruction, not fratricide. I call upon Mr. Barzani, who gave a promise on TV, to stand behind his word.”

The artists and intellectuals who participated in the joint press conference are: Ozan Seyîdxan, Ganî Nar, Ozan Cömerd, Cewad Mervanî, Hozan Şemdin, Peywan Arjîn, Hekim Sefkan, Deniz Deman, Tülay Şahmaran, Zozan Zudem, Binevş Roj, Ersin Çelik, Mustafa Şahin, Beser Şahin, Bülent Turan, Sosin, Kakşar Oremar, Serhat Med, Memo Gül, Ali İkizer, Nelbest Abdullah, Amele, Şirin, Pêrî, Ali Zülfikar.