KONGRA-GEL: We will turn 2021 into a year of freedom and solution

Saluting the New Year and greeting the resistance, KONGRA-GEL said: "We can defeat Turkish state fascism in 2021 and turn this year into a year of freedom and solution."

"We salute the new year and Leader Apo, prisoners of freedom, all comrades, the people of Kurdistan and progressive humanity. We hope that the new year will lead to freedom and democracy.

On this occasion, we repeat our promise to respectfully commemorate all Kurdistan martyrs in the person of the martyrs of Egid Civyan, Kasım Engin, Zin Cizre, Leyla Agiri and Heftan's resistance and to realize their goals.”

The statement continued: “With the guerrilla resistance in Heftanin, the Turkish state's technical concept of war in South Kurdistan was erased. This was a great success for the guerrilla. The guerrilla resistance in Heftanin was a major blow to the technology-based war carried out by the Turkish state.

There is an economic, political and social crisis in South Kurdistan. In this case, the occupying Turkish state is seeking to wage a war against the PKK in the South exploiting the alliance with the KDP and thus promoting a war between the KDP and the PKK.

The responsible behavior of the PKK has prevented such a war. The people of Kurdistan need to be sensitive about this issue and they need to put pressure on the KDP to prevent such a war. A war between the KDP and PKK serves the Turkish state and poses a great danger to the Kurdish people.”

The statement continued: “Our people should protect Shengal in 2021. We sincerely celebrate this resistance. The freedom movement’s campaign, "End isolation, fascism and occupation; Time for freedom" is the most historic decision taken in 2020. This campaign is spreading among our people and friends inside and outside the country. The hunger strike launched to demand freedom for Leader Apo in prisons and outside, will play a fundamental role in the spread and growth of the initiative.

On this occasion, we sincerely salute the hunger strike resistance going on in prison. In this context, we salute the new year and the peoples of Kurdistan and the Middle East and wish them success in the 2021 struggle for freedom and democracy."