KON-MED calls for protests against Turkish invasion in Kurdistan

Since last night, an invasion operation of the Turkish army has been taking place in guerrilla areas in South Kurdistan. The Kurdish umbrella organization KON-MED is calling for street protests today.

The Confederation of Communities from Kurdistan in Germany (KON-MED) calls for protests against the invasion of the Turkish army in South Kurdistan.

The statement published on Saturday reads:

"We call on our people to take to the streets against the total occupation operation of the Turkish state. The Turkish state is the enemy of Kurdish existence and mountains. Its occupation army has been bombarding the mountains of Kurdistan in the Medya Defense Zones, especially the Avashin, Metina and Zap regions since last night. Massive fighting has broken out between the guerrillas and the occupiers in these areas and is still ongoing.

We call on our councils, our members, our people and our friends to take to the streets and protest today against the occupation attacks of the Turkish state and the KDP collaborating with it."