KON-MED calls for actions for Shengal across Germany

The largest umbrella organization of the Kurdish Diaspora in Germany, KON-MED, calls for actions on November 26 against the occupation of the Shengal region by the KDP and Iraqi troops.

Everywhere where Kurds live, there is protest against the collaboration of the South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP with Turkey. On October 9th, the KDP had signed an agreement with the Iraqi government on the occupation of the Yazidi Shengal region. Especially the KDP, but also the Iraqi government is more than unwanted in the self-governing region. By disarming the Yazidi population and because of its flight-like retreat on August 3, 2014, the KDP had made the genocide of the Yazidis in the Shengal possible. The Kurdish umbrella organization KON-MED says: "The Iraqi government and the KDP, which collaborates with the Turkish state, want to occupy the Shengal region. The occupation of this mountain region, which is sacred to the Yazidi community, is of strategic importance for the complete annexation of Kurdistan.”

According to KON-MED, the Iraqi government plans to send 10,000 soldiers to Shengal. Also the KDP has already gathered thousands of Peshmergas near the region. Behind this action, however, is the Turkish state, which wants to implement its neo-Ottoman plans. KON-MED warns that this action is a great danger for the Yazidi population of the region, who have built up an organized, democratic life for themselves.

Resistance against the "plan of the collaborators”

The autonomous council of Shengal, Yazidi Kurds in Kurdistan and the diaspora and Kurdish intellectuals and organizations have already published appeals against the occupation of the Shengal region. KON-MED calls for these appeals to be taken seriously and to protest and resist accordingly, otherwise a "new massacre" threatens.

"What is happening in Shengal today is a plan of betrayal of the collaborators with the enemy. It is a project of the Turkish state that threatens all Kurds and all parts of Kurdistan. The Kurdish people must know that all their values and achievements are threatened by this attack.”

KON-MED concludes with the words: "As KON-MED we call upon our federations, our councils and social centers, our structures and all our people, the leftist and socialist revolutionaries, the oppressed and exploited, the democrats, our friends and all humanity to take part in the actions for Shengal on November 26."