KNK Co-chairs: KDP must end its cooperation with the Turkish state

Ehmed Karamus and Zeyneb Murad, co-chairs of the KNK, issued a statement in response to the Turkish state's attacks on Medya Defense Zones, calling on the KDP to end its cooperation with the Turkish state as soon as possible.


Ehmed Karamus and Zeyneb Murad, co-chairs of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), issued a statement in response to Turkey’s invasion attacks on southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

KNK Co-Chair Ehmed Karamus stated that the fascist Turkish state and its allies initiated an invasion operation against the Kurdish people, and that Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan made some deals with the KDP, the Baath Regime, and some Iraqi authorities. In his statement, Karamus emphasized that the Turkish state's aim is not merely the PKK: "The Turkish government wants to occupy all of Kurdistan. Having agreed to attack Southern Kurdistan with the KDP, the Turkish state wishes to build the National Pact (Misak-I Milli) borders in this manner. In all of its discourses and attitudes, this is obvious to see.


Karamus continued, "They had previously conducted military operations for the same purposes on numerous occasions, but they were unable to fulfil their aims due to the struggle and resistance of the Kurdish guerrillas. The attacks were carried out in collaboration with various forces in southern Kurdistan, including the KDP, and some local authorities. The Kurdish people have no interest in this war. Concurrent with the Turkish attacks, the Iraqi state began to attack Shengal. This demonstrates that Kurdistan is in grave danger. The KDP should stop its cooperation with the Turkish state immediately and consider the Kurdish people's interests.

The people of Southern Kurdistan demonstrated their opposition to these attacks. Mr. Bahram Salih expressed his displeasure with the attacks as well. However, a statement alone is not enough. As KNK, we are addressing  Mr. Masoud Barzani, Masrour Barzani, and Nechirvan Barzani on behalf of the entire Kurdish nation; we must understand Turkey's aim, intents, and tactics, and that the Kurdish people have no interest in these attacks. Think of what happened in Afrin, Serekaniyê, and other areas. They will inflict significant harm on the Kurdish people if they do not take a stand against the Turkish state's attacks. Because their next destination will be Hewlêr or somewhere else. The KDP should be well aware of this threat.

Kurdistan's people, parties, and social groups should take a strong national emotional stand against these attacks as soon as possible. We also urge the KDP to discontinue its collaboration with the Turkish government. We urge NATO, the United Nations, the Council of Europe, and all countries working for democracy and the defense of human rights to take a stand against these genocidal attacks."


KNK Co-Chair Zeyneb Murad also urged the people of Kurdistan, particularly the people of Behdinan, to respond to Turkish aggression. Murad stated that the Kurdish people have the right to protect themselves, emphasizing the guerrillas' heroic resistance to invasion attacks carried out by the Turkish state in collaboration with the KDP.

Noting that the Turkish state used the Russia-Ukraine war to undertake genocidal attacks against the Kurds, Murad continued: "These attacks are also directed at the Iraqi state's sovereignty. Yes, the Iraqi government have reacted, but they must make legal decisions and take a stand to prevent future assaults. We care about the Kurdish people’s attitudes and deeds. People and political groups in Southern Kurdistan bear a significant deal of duty and responsibility. They must take a stand with a sense of solidarity and patriotism. These attacks are attempts at genocide and they aim to destroy the Kurdish people's gains.

The Turkish state sees its existence in the genocide against the Kurds. Because, in the current scenario, the Kurdish people are on the verge of getting legal recognition and rights.

It is disgraceful that a Kurdish force works with the Turkish state. This is a really sad situation that poses a significant risk to the Kurdish people. Every Kurd should speak out against this. I particularly appeal to all Kurdish women: we women must take a national stand against these attacks. What can be done to counter the Turkish state's attacks, as well as the policies that put the gains of local administrations and struggles in danger?  We must all stand up for our accomplishments.

We also condemn the attacks on Shengal. Our fundamental demand is that the Iraqi government and other authorities stop these attacks and refuse to cooperate with the Turkish state. Shengal's wounds have yet to heal. Despite this, it has been subjected to Turkish state attacks for many years. The international community must not remain silent in the face of these attacks."