KJK: We will transform every place into a position of freedom

On the occasion of the International Women's Struggle Day on March 8, KJK declares that a new era has dawned with the rapidly growing uprising of women.

On the occasion of the International Women's Day on March 8, the KJK (Komalên Jinên Kurdistanê / Community of the Women of Kurdistan) declares that a new era has begun through the uprising of women, which is growing despite a high tribute. Under the leadership of women, humanity can achieve a life of freedom and equality, emphasizes the KJK and salutes all fighting women.

The statement notes that in the system of capitalist modernity, all attacks on women have an ideological basis: "The patriarchal system of domination pushes women's demands for freedom back into a narrow space and prevents the development of a radical liberation struggle. We will assert our rights on issues such as violence and abortion, while fighting to ensure that women are equally and freely represented in all aspects of life, as they are in Rojava. As women, we will participate in life with a strategic mission at all levels, advocating an approach to bring change and transformation to society and men. We will respond to the approach that includes women into the male domination system and integrating them into the power structures through comprehensive strategy and tactics. We will transform every place we find ourselves within the patriarchal system of domination into a position of liberation struggle. If we proceed in an organized way, we will not be lost within the system, but on the contrary, we will achieve results and be able to stand against the system of domination."

The KJK states that the commonalities between women's struggles in Kurdistan and worldwide have never been more advanced. The statement continues, “In modern times, a holistic approach is needed that connects the different struggles. Women are the oldest colony of humanity and no longer accept the enslaving status quo. They are determined to wage a relentless struggle for existence as subjects of a new free life. Small and large women's struggles unite and become an unstoppable flow. Resistance, rebellions and protests strike like lightning bolts in the gender codes created by the patriarchal system, shattering one by one. What is bringing the system of domination to a halt today is the struggle of women's movements. In our work to smash the patriarchal system, we have reached an important threshold. Let us continue from this threshold with all our strength. On March 8, 2021, let's continue to push back the patriarchal system of domination and bring it to collapse."

The statement draws attention to the level of organized struggle of Kurdish women. According to the KJK, this also attracts attention worldwide: "Our philosophy and our struggle for women's liberation have get into the minds of women and the whole society. They are alive and cannot be discarded. The practice of the Kurdish women's movement is acknowledged and respected worldwide. The women's revolution in Rojava has taken an important position that is taken seriously worldwide."

The KJK also points to its campaign "It is time to defend free women and society against feminicide" launched in September 2020 and adds: "Our March 8 activities must take place in accordance with our perspective of a democratic society with women of all peoples and faith communities together. On this basis, we call on women in Kurdistan, the Middle East and around the world to ensure participation strongly and enthusiastically. Our struggle must pick up speed. We women will be the winners. All mechanisms established by the male domination system in life must be broken. The victors will be Abdullah Öcalan's thoughts on women's liberation and thus humanity."