KESK pays solidarity visit to HDP in Van

KESK members in Van protested the trustee occupation and visited HDP in solidarity.

Public Workers’ Unions Confederation (KESK) members visited the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) to show solidarity against the appointment of trustees.

KESK Central Executive Committee Member Yilmaz Yildirim spoke at the visit to the HDP Van offices and said the trustee appointments are a coup.

Yilmaz said hundreds of workers were robbed of their labor unlawfully and illegally during the time of trustees appointed in 2016: “12 of our friends were detained in Van. They must be released immediately. We repeat, the will of the people has been usurped by the trustees and it must be returned. Our co-mayors are Bedia Ozgokce and Mustafa Avci. That won’t change. We condemn the coup against the will of the people.”


HDP Van Co-chair Umit Dede said they resist the trustee policies together with forces of labor and democracy.

Dede said trustee policies are meant to transfer municipal resources to sycophants of the government and added: “We will resist usurpation, robbery, corruption and pillaging everywhere.”