KDP media silent on Erdoğan’s insults against Barzani

After the independence referendum in Southern Kurdistan, Turkish president Erdogan continues to insult Barzani and Kurdish people.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the Police Academy, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed Barzani in degrading manner. “Just sit back. You’ve got money, oil, so stay where you are! (He says that) it would be an independent state (!). This adventure will end in disappointment” he said.


Stating that KDP’s leader threw himself into fire Erdoğan said “We are disappointed by the latest developments in northern Iraq, but that’s not something we can’t overcome.”

“Who will recognize your independence? Just sit back. You’ve got money, oil, so stay where you are! He must have been enticed to take this step. Masoud Barzani has thrown himself into fire” Erdoğan said in a degrading manner.

“You have a 350 km-long border with us. Did you even consult with us or Iran in this regard? We will keep warning till the end. We will stop this mischief in Iraq, just as we did not allow the Syria problem to affect our country,” he added. 


Comparing the Kurdistan Regional Government’s bid for independence to the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire during the First World War, Erdoğan said “New Lawrence cases will not be successful this time.”

He added that if Iraqi Kurds serve “other actors’ interests in the region,” they will not be able to ask for help from Turkey.


While Erdoğan continues to insult Kurdish people and Barzani, the media of KDP remains silent. There is no single article about Erdoğan’s statements on newspapers or TV channels. On the contrary some media institutions are still publishing reports claiming that the AKP is a friend of Kurdish people.