KDP hands over those refusing to fight in Shengal to Turkish MIT

KDP intelligence Parastin has handed over 80 people from “Rojava Peshmergas” that refused to fight in Shengal to Turkish intelligence MIT.

During the clashes that erupted after the gangs affiliated to the South Kurdistan's KDP and the Turkish state attacked Shengal Resistance Units /YBŞ in Shengal on March 3, 80 people from the armed groups, called “Rojava Peshmergas” were arrested by KDP intelligence service Parastin. These 80 people from Rojava were abducted from the area and taken to somewhere not disclosed.

Hawar News Agency (ANHA) reported that KDP intelligence handed over these 80 peshmergas to Turkish intelligence MIT.

According to the ANHA report based on local sources, these peshmergas were transferred to the Turkey side of the border through the Khabur border crossing.

"There was a mobilization of ambulances during their transfer. We are therefore concerned over their lives", said the source.

4 out of the 80 people KDP handed over to MIT are;

- Nêçîrvan Mihemed Silêman from Qamislo,

- İzzettin İsa Derwîş from Hesekê,

- Delîl Emo from Hesekê,

- Şiyar İsmet Xelîl from Efrîn.