KCK: Unilateral inaction has ended due to AKP's ongoing attacks

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency has announced that the unilateral position of inaction by their side has ended due to the war policy and ongoing attacks of the AKP.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency has announced that the unilateral position of inaction by their side has ended due to the war policy and ongoing attacks of the AKP. KCK said it is clear and obvious that there will be no change in the war policies that were pursued by the AKP government before the November 1 election.

KCK has released a written statement about the results of November 1 election, AKP's war policy and the attitude to be adopted by the Kurdish Freedom Movement from now on.

Remarking that the AKP government continues to attack guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones with dozens of jets just like what has happened on July 24, KCK said these attacks are being conducted on the basis of AKP's decision to escalate the war to a further extend. "While the annihilation attacks against guerrillas are going on, attacks on the civilian people have also increased soon after the election, as a result of which 2 youths were murdered in Gever, 4 in Silvan, 1 in Nusaybin and 1 in Colemêrg (Hakkari), and many others were wounded. In addition, a number of areas in Kurdistan territory have been declared as military forbidden zones. All these attacks are taking place during the course of the ongoing position of inaction by guerrillas."


KCK pointed out these most recent attacks came soon after the statements of AKP spokesmen who vowed to continue the war and operations until the Kurdish movement is eliminated.

KCK said the Prime Minister's pledge to keep the war going until all the guerrillas surrender have clearly laid bare what policy the government will pursue in the coming period, and the fact that it will make no changes in its pro-war policies which it pursued before the election.

The statement recalled the fact that the Kurdish movement declared inaction and maintained it unilaterally despite all the attacks they faced before the election, adding; "Without doubt, the fate of this decision by our side would be dependent on the attitude of the Turkish state. The AKP government's approach and attacks have clearly made it clear that this unilateral inaction cannot be maintained anymore. The unilateral inaction has ended due to the AKP's war policy and ongoing attacks.”


The statement by KCK emphasised that the AKP government hasn't recognised the unilateral inaction, let alone declare a will for mutual truce. According to KCK, the election process has revealed the fact that AKP wanted to seize the power and legitimize this seizure.

“It is beyond doubt that the HDP, some circles in Turkey and some external powers demand a non-conflict environment. We have always attributed a meaning to these calls and manifested clearly that we are ready for a mutual truce. Yet, it is not possible to continue the inaction and ensure a non-conflict in the face of the current policies of the AKP. It is obvious that a non-conflict environment can only be ensured if the Turkish state manifests a will for the resolution of the Kurdish question and initiates negotiations for the achievement of this goal. In the contrary case, an unilateral will by our side can neither enable a non-conflict environment nor contribute to the resolution of the Kurdish question.”

According to KCK, the circles demanding the ending of the conflict must go into action and make the AKP change its policies regarding the Kurdish question in order for the achievement of a mutual truce serving a resolution on the basis of negotiations. "While calling us to declare a cease-fire, these circles are manifesting no serious attitude or struggle for Turkey's democratization and resolution of the Kurdish question. It has also been seen clearly that these calls addressing to one side have no meaning nor produce a result."

Kurdistan Communities Union said guerrilla forces will resist every attack that will target them, stressing that; “The Kurdish people and democracy forces must be aware of the fact that a free and democratic living can only be attained by means of a committed resistance against those who trust they can break the will of the peoples and democracy forces.”


Recalling that the Kurdish people have turned their steps towards building a democratic living on the basis of self-rule representing local democracy, KCK said this historic democratization initiative of the people are facing major attacks by Turkish state forces, adding; "Defending this fair will to create a free living by means of democratic resistance is the most basic fundamental right of our people."

KCK said all these attacks are also targeting the peoples and democracy forces of Turkey who -it added- must therefore form a democracy bloc and enhance the struggle against the AKP fascism as their primary duty.

KCK ended its statement by calling upon all the Kurdish people and he peoples and democracy forces of Turkey to step up the struggle on this basis.