KCK commemorates martyrs of Mahabad and Kizildere

The KCK paid tribute to the martyrs of Mahabad and Kizildere, calling once again "for unity, to form new alliances and coalitions, and intensify the fight for equality, freedom, and democracy."


The Co-Presidency of the KCK Executive Council issued a statement to commemorate both the martyrs of Mahabad and those of Kizildere.

The statemente said: "On March 31, 1947, in Çarçira Square, the fascist Shah regime murdered the great patriot Qazi Mihemed, a prominent Kurdish leader and the founder of the Republic of Mahabad, along with his friends Haci Baba Sheikh and Seyfi Kadi. On the anniversary of their murder, we would like to gratefully and respectfully commemorate them. In their honor, we commemorate all of the martyrs of the revolution of democracy, and we reaffirm our commitment to their fight.

With strong dedication, Qazi Mihemed and his friends fought for Kurdistan’s independence and freedom. With the founding of the Mahabad Republic, they made a significant advancement towards the liberation of the Kurdish people. The Iranian state under the fascist Shah’s rule, Britain, and the Soviet Union - states that recognized no values other than their own interests - invaded the newly established Mahabad Republic and killed Qazî Mihemed and his friends in Çarçira Square. The struggle of Qazi Mihemed and his allies, as well as the treachery they endured, amply demonstrated how the capitalist modernist powers treated the Kurds and deceived them in order to forward their own agendas. Their approach to the Mahabad Republic made it abundantly evident - and it remains so today - that the forces of capitalist modernity are the primary aggressors of the Kurdish question and the main obstacle to finding a solution."

The statement underlined that "despite its fall due to the betrayal and aggression of powers and forces hostile to the people and freedom, the Republic of Mahabad played a significant role in the century-long struggle for the independence of the Kurdish people. Like Sheikh Sait and Seyit Riza. Qazi Mihemed and his friends refused to back down from their allegiance to freedom and refused the enemy’s pressure to capitulation. This mindset has become deeply ingrained in Kurdish consciousness and has played a significant role in the growth of the resistance mentality in Kurdistan. History will recognize Qazi Mihemed and his companions as brave, selfless, and valuable children of Kurdistan. Kurdistan will always remember their resistance, sacrifice, and struggle. Naturally, the Kurdish people’s current successes and the growth of their national democracy are greatly influenced by the hardships and efforts of these historical figures."

Paying tribute to the martyrs of Kizildere, the statement said: "On March 30, 1972, the murderous imperialist Turkish state carried out yet another atrocity in Kizildere where they killed Mahir Çayan and his comrades. We respectfully and gratefully commemorate these great revolutionaries who fought for freedom, equality, and fraternity, and we strongly condemn this atrocity. The powers of capitalist modernity founded the Turkish state as an anti-Kurdish, genocidal, colonialist state to safeguard their interests in the Middle East. Its goals are to carry out the genocide against the Kurds and defend the objectives of capitalist modernity. Within the parameters of this objective, it targets Kurds, revolutionaries, socialists, and democratic libertarian forces."

The statement continued: "The massacre in Kizildere is a part of this objective. Individuals such as Mahir Cayan, Deniz Gezmis, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, and others fought to free Turkey from this predicament; to provide an equal and free foundation and guarantee a democratic resolution to the Kurdish issue. They asserted and defended the Kurdish people’s existence as well as their right to freely express their democratic, national identity. Rêber Apo speaks highly of their methodology and defines the Kurdish revolution as an extension of their fight. This is our perception of it and how we approach it. We believe that by intensifying this fight, we will succeed in achieving our objectives of democracy, freedom, and equality. During this occasion, we renew our call for unity, to form new alliances and coalitions, and intensify the fight for equality, freedom, and democracy – especially to women and all those who support these goals."