KCDK-E: Turkish state seeks provocations in Europe

KCDK-E stated that the Turkish state is seeking provocations against the Kurdish people in Europe and call on Kurdish organisations not to allow any means and methods other than democratic reaction.


The Congress of Democratic Societies of Kurdistan in Europe (KCDK-E) released a statement, saying that, "The fascist attacks, which started in Belgium and escalated in many centres of Europe, continue to increase."

The statement continued as follows:

"Especially dictator Erdogan's anti-Kurdish statements, Hakan Fidan's provocative propaganda in Europe, fascist gang groups organised through the Turkish state's intelligence networks, consulates and mosques are aimed at creating an environment of conflict with Kurdish youth on the streets to frustrate the freedom struggle and gains.

The worldwide impact of the international campaign, the mass march of hundreds of thousands of people in Cologne on 17 February and the Newroz of resistance, which reached hundreds of thousands in almost every centre of Europe, disturbed the genocidal Turkish state.

As always, the plan to create an atmosphere of conflict in Europe by straining the patience of the Kurdish people and youth was put into action. Just like in Madımak, the Belgian police and authorities stood by and watched the attempts to burn down the house of a family in Belgium with the people inside.

The mass reactions in the face of the Kurdish people’s just reaction and protest at the barbaric method are clearly aimed at escalation by provoking fascist gangs.

In order to protect the gains of our rising struggle that brought hundreds of thousands of people to the streets, we must act with the attitude of not falling for provocations all over Europe and frustrating the ambitions of the fascist Turkish state. Let no one criminalise our just and legitimate struggle. We call on our people, our institutions, our assemblies to take a stance in the direction of not allowing any means and methods other than democratic reaction to the events.

No fascist and racist attack will be able to prevent the just and freedom struggle of the Kurdish people. Our just and legitimate struggle will win."