KCDK-E thanks those who participated in events and festivals in Europe

The European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress expressed gratitude to those who attended the events and festivals in Europe and stated that Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and national unity were embraced during the events.

The Co-Presidency Council of the European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E) thanked the participants of the Kurdish Culture Festival and events in Europe.

Releasing a written statement, the KCDK-E said, “This year, the Kurdish cultural festivals and events held in Landgraaf in the Netherlands, Marseille in France, and Stockholm in Sweden, were celebrated under the motto ‘DEM DEMA AZADIYÊ YE’ [Time for Freedom] with the participation and enthusiasm of tens of thousands. As the Kurdish people and their friends celebrated the events and festivals with enthusiasm, the will to embrace Kurdish leader Öcalan was demonstrated with slogans during the events where national artists and prominent speakers appeared on stage.


“In the speeches made on behalf of the Kurdish institutions during the Kurdish Culture Festival in the Netherlands, the importance of national unity was emphasized to claim all gains of the Kurdish people. The participants once again expressed that pushing back attacks on the Kurdish people, standing firm against the occupation, and fighting against betrayal can only be realized by adopting a higher level of will. Our people and their friends emphasized that it is imperative to frustrate the international conspiracy.


During their speeches, the friends of the Kurdish people made it clear that Öcalan is the main negotiator for a democratic solution of the Kurdish problem and development of democracy in Turkey and the Middle East. They pointed out that Öcalan's philosophy is a hope and solution for humanity. Therefore, 'all humanity that wants to promote democracy, freedom and equality should seek to realize Öcalan's freedom'.

During the event, writers from Başûr (South), Bakur (North), Rojava (West) and Rojhilat (East) Kurdistan signed their books on Kurdish literature. Artists from all parts of Kurdistan generated huge enthusiasm with their resistance and national songs. It was a national and democratic festival where the people of Kurdistan from four parts and all faith groups showed solidarity with our friends.


The organization was well-organized with full discipline worthy of the Kurdish people. The participants fell in perfect line with the mandatory rules due to the corona pandemic. The Kurdish youth sparkled with their broad participation and enthusiasm during the event. Solidarity and enthusiasm were rampant. Women were outstanding at the event. They enlivened the events with their colourful clothes and enthusiasm. With their dance and slogans they gave the message that ‘here we are, we are renewing our will and we are mobilizing for Öcalan and the freedom struggle’.

As the KCDK-E, we would like to thank the Landgraaf City Council and related officials for their cooperation. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the festival, all our people and friends who participated in the events for their determined stance and solidarity.”