KCDK-E New Year's Message: Resistance will grow in 2021

The European Association of Kurdish Diaspora Associations issues a New Year’s message stressing the increase in patriarchal and announcing the expansion of resistance.

The umbrella organization in which most of the associations of the Kurdish diaspora are organized, KCDK-E, announced in its New Year's message an expansion of resistance to reclaim the freedom of Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan and for a free Kurdistan.

Disastrous results for 2020

The KCDK-E drew a pretty depressing balance for the year 2020: “The destruction of nature has advanced even further, the army of the poor has grown by millions, people are threatened by unemployment, hunger and face all possible dangers. The war monopoly, the capitalists earn even more, wars have been provoked, tens of thousands have lost their lives and millions have been wounded or displaced and face an uncertain future."

Huge resistance in Kurdistan

The KCDK-E compared these developments with the resistance in all parts of Kurdistan: “In this gloomy 2020, the Kurdish resistance has reached a new peak. In all four parts of Kurdistan and abroad, our people organised an epic resistance to counter the danger of annihilation. Fear has been instilled in people with the massacre of brutal militias orchestrated by Turkish fascism, by reactionary forces in the region and the international powers. Yet all these provocations were spoiled by the Kurdish struggle for freedom. Courage and strength were given to the peoples.

Öcalan's paradigm became hope for humanity

The paradigm of the democratic nation developed by Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] in his resistance against the isolation system on Imrali won great sympathy in Kurdistan, the Middle East and the whole world and became a hope for the future for humanity. This women-liberating, egalitarian paradigm gained importance as a perspective for humanity.

The struggle for political unity took on concrete structures

In all four parts of Kurdistan and abroad, people have come together under the campaign "End fascism, isolation and occupation: Time for freedom" and carried out countless actions. The Kurdish unity against occupation, colonialism and collaboration became a force through the strong participation of all parts of society united in a common front. The democracy front has also been strengthened through the struggle of those who claim democracy and freedom. It was a year in which Abdullah Öcalan's democratic, ecological, women-liberating thought based on internationalism was spread around the world."

Turkish fascism is about to collapse

The KCDK-E said that the situation for Turkish fascism has become much more difficult in 2020 and that it is on the verge of collapse. The Turkish state is in a profound "political, diplomatic and economic crisis" and is suffering a "decisive defeat" thanks to the struggle for freedom.

Year of femicides but also of women's resistance

The statement continued: “In 2020, femicides have increased in our country and worldwide. At the same time, however, the struggle for freedom of women has taken a leading role in the resistance."

2021 will be a year of resistance

In view of the dangers that await Kurdistan and the Middle East, the KCDK-E announced a year of resistance and called on the Kurdish people and their friends to fight together against the "extermination plans of the dictator Erdoğan".

The KCDK-E said: “2021 will be a year in which we will expand the fight for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan and Kurdistan. As KCDK-E, we declare 2021 to be the year in which the struggle for freedom in Kurdistan and all over the world will continue to grow, fascism will be defeated and Abdullah Öcalan and our people will be liberated."