KCDK-E: Don’t holiday in Turkey, don’t be a party to war

KCDK-E issued a call to boycott tourism in Turkey and said, “Tourism is at the top of the list of revenue feeding the war.”

Democratic Kurdish Society Congress Europe (KCDK-E) Co-presidential Council issued a written statement and called for a boycott of Turkish tourism.

“Don’t holiday in Turkey, don’t be a party to war,” said the statement and continued: “The Turkish state has been waging a bloody war against Kurds for almost 40 years, utilizing all their economic and political resources.”


The statement included the following:

“The Turkish state spends a big portion of its financial resources on this war, and tourism is at the top of the list of revenue feeding the war.

With the billions they spend on militarism, they have been pillaging the lands and the natural environment in Kurdistan, and with their invasion and war against the residential areas they make the lands unliveable. They implement a severe isolation and fascist oppression against Reber Apo and the Kurdish people, the peoples of the region, revolutionaries, democrats, intellectuals and persons opposed to the system.

The policies of massacre and war they have continuously implemented in Kurdistan for years are forcing the peoples of Turkey, workers, women, academics and students to pay the price. The Turkish state has spent a big portion of its annual budget on the war they wage in Kurdistan, despite the years of deep economic crisis. The result of this irreversible great economic burden is a crisis, the bombing of Kurdistan’s cities, the damage and destruction of nature and forests, and the massacre of Kurds.


With the war economy the AKP-MHP fascist alliance wages, it is clear that the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan get poorer every day, and the country descends into a dynastic mafia state. The Erdogan family has hoarded power and funneled all the riches of Turkey to themselves. Their friends, family and teams have added to their fortunes, and multiply their profits through this ongoing war.

The AKP-MHP fascist regime dedicates most of the budget for the war, and has been financing thousands of barbaric ISIS members, invading Southern Kurdistan, and buying S-400s, UAVs and war technology to further their barbaric war.

One of the biggest revenue streams for Turkey is tourism. Many European countries and international powers have issued warnings to their citizens against Turkey, saying the country is not safe for travel/tourism.

The millions of Euros coming from tourism are spent spilling Kurdish blood. It is painfully clear that the biggest reason the Turkish state is able to wage the genocidal war against Kurds is their financial resources. As such, boycotting tourism, the most important leg of their revenues, is a national duty.

We are launching an extensive campaign to include the Turkish state’s tourism companies in various countries they are active in.


The European peoples should be made aware of the tourism boycott, they should be allowed to change their minds, and dictator Erdogan’s cooperation with jihadists like ISIS, Nusra and Al Qaeda must be exposed with documents. We must expose the Turkish state and the fascist AKP-MHP alliance as the perpetrator of massacres in Europe, the Middle East and Kurdistan.

Peoples of Kurdistan and Turkey as well as Europe should turn away from holidaying in Turkey. Every cent these peoples spend in Turkey will translate into another bullet against the Kurdish people. The best stance is to stop holidaying in Turkey. Remembering that tourism revenue funds the war, we are calling on all to cancel their travel plans to Turkey, with the knowledge that not a single of your Euros will be spent for this war.


To stop the AKP-MHP fascist government in their tracks, to keep them from taking a relieving breath through tourism revenue, cancel your trip to Turkey and don’t be party to a war.”