KCDK-E calls on people to join press conference to be held on 10 May to protest Turkish attacks

The KCDK-E Co-Presidency Council called for participation to the press conference to be held in Cologne on Monday, 10 May, to protest the Turkish state's invasion attacks against South Kurdistan.

In a written statement, the KCDK-E Co-Presidency Council said: “The invasion attack launched by the colonialist Turkish state against the Medya Defense Areas on 24 April is a genocide attack. The comprehensive invasion attack aimed at destroying the Kurdish freedom struggle. This genocidal invasion attack aims at the destruction of the Kurds as a nation. The Kurdish Freedom Movement is fighting with dedication to protect all Kurdistan and the Kurdish people.

The resistance in the Medya Defense Areas is actually the defense of four parts of Kurdistan and the struggle to stop this genocide. The attack on the Medya Defense Areas is aimed at destroying the gains of all the people of Kurdistan.”

The KCDK-E continued: “The aim of the Turkish state's attacks on Avasin, Zap and Metina is to occupy the entire Kurdistan. This is a situation where people are faced with a struggle for existence. If the Kurdish people do not resiste, they may face the most painful consequences in their whole history.”

The KCDK-E called for participation to the press conference to be held in Cologne on Monday, 10 May at 4.30 pm in Breslauer Platz (Behind HBF). “We will hold a press conference with the slogan "Dem Dema Azadiyeye". It is a national and humanitarian duty to oppose these attacks carried out by the Republic of Turkey. To remain silent against this massacre and invasion attacks is to approve and support them. We invite all Kurdistan, Turkish institutions and parties, intellectuals, artists, to join the press conference.”