KCDK-E calls on everyone to join demonstrations against Turkish attacks on Kurds

KCDK-E announced a series of actions to protest the Turkish state's attacks on Maxmur, Shengal and Meyda Defense Areas.

In a written statement, the Co-Presidency Council of the European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E) said: “The fascist Turkish gang-mafia state is looking for a way to save itself by targeting the Kurdish people.

The attacks on Maxmur, Shengal, Medya Defense Areas and Rojava have reached dangerous levels and are at a point in which the whole of Kurdistan is a target. It is obvious that this wave of attacks aims at the massacre of the Kurdish people. The Kurdish people, our friends and the progressive humanity of the world need to understand the process correctly by looking at the current developments.”

The KCDK-E continued: “The dictator Erdogan and the fascist Turkish state stand against the Kurdish people. Again, we see the KDP collaborating and even selling lands of South Kurdistan.

The silence of the Iraqi government and the concessions made by the KDP to turn the lands of South Kurdistan into a base for the invading Turkish state show the dimensions and seriousness of the danger. So much so that the aims of the Turkish Republic and the KDP have become common. No matter how different their roles are, they have a common purpose; to strangle the 40-year-old struggle for freedom and drag the Kurdish people into the grip of genocide.”

The KCDK-E called on “all our community centers and components to mobilise. We are calling on all people of Kurdistan, women, youth, Alevi, Yazidis, democratic Muslims, Christians, democrats, revolutionaries, to demonstrate against the occupation and genocide policies of the AKP-MHP. We invite you to increase the resistance by participating in the following actions and activities:

12 June, marches and rallies will be held in countries, states and cities in all European countries, Canada, Australia

Due to Erdogan's participation in the NATO summit on June 13, an event will be organized with friends.

14 June, actions will be held in all cities in Europe, Australia and Canada.

26 June, a march and rally will be held on June 26 to mark the anniversary of the Freedom for Leader Öcalan vigil in Strasbourg.

26 June - 3 July, a one-week vigil will be held with the participation of the Co-Chairs, representatives of the components and friends.

4 July, actions will take place at the global level against AKP-MHP fascism and the occupation.”