KCDK-E calls for emergency action in front of European Parliament after racist attacks against Kurds

After the racist attacks targeting Kurds in Belgium, the KCDK-E called for an immediate protest today in front of the European Parliament in Brussels.


On Sunday, mobs of Turkish fascists and racists attacked Kurds in Heusden-Zolder.

The attackers tried to set a Kurdish house on fire, destroyed and looted vehicles and set out to lynch Kurds. Six Kurds were seriously injured in the attacks. The largest European umbrella organization of the Kurdish diaspora, KCDK-E, has today called for an emergency protest action at 12 pm in front of the European Parliament in Brussels.

The KCDK-E statement said: "At a time when millions of people in all parts of Kurdistan and hundreds of thousands in Europe filled the squares with passion and the spirit of national unity, turning the Newroz celebrations into a major act of popular resistance, the Turkish state again resorted to its strategy of fascist terror in Belgium."

The statement added: "We condemn the Belgian government and the Belgian police for giving free rein to the fascist gangs of the Turkish state, which have vowed to shed Kurdish blood in front of their eyes.

The mask of fascism has fallen

The spirit of resistance that began in Cologne has spread almost everywhere in Europe and was particularly strong at the Newroz festival in Frankfurt. The world now hears and recognizes the voice of this resistance. Friends all over the world are supporting this struggle. The mask of the fascist Turkish state and the dictator Erdoğan has fallen."

The racist attack in Belgium was planned

The statement continued: "The political offensive of the Kurdish freedom movement and its global resonance and the growing spirit of national unity have enraged the fascist and warmongering Turkish state. The Turkish state, which is in deep crisis both at home and abroad and is threatened with defeat, has no choice but to deepen the crisis and the war.

It is precisely for this reason that provocations against the Kurdish population in Europe are now taking place. In Belgium, an attempt was made to create a street battle through a fascist attack orchestrated by the Turkish consulate, with the Belgian police simply watching. The fascist lynch mob tried to set fire to the houses of Kurdish families and beat people from Kurdistan to death in the streets."

The statement said: "The Kurdish people should stand shoulder to shoulder against fascist attacks by maintaining their will and organization wherever they are and by arming and preparing themselves against such provocations. Knowing this, our people must protect themselves in a determined and organized manner from fascist provocations and attacks."