KCDK-E calls for action for Sakine, Fidan, Leyla

KCDK-E said Turkish and French states are partners in crime in the triple murder of Kurdish women revolutionaries in Paris and called for action on January 6-9.

The European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E) co-presidential board made a written statement regarding the Paris killings.

"We remember with respect Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez, who were murdered by the misogynist Turkish state on January 9, 2013 in Paris," the statement said.

"The death in prison of Ömer Güney, who was caught and was set stand trial as the only perpetrator, before his first hearing on 23 January was not a normal death and it proved the existence of international forces together with the Turkish state behind this villainous triple murder.”

KCDK-E pointed out that: “With the death of Ömer Güney, the evidence that the massacre was committed by the MIT (Turkish Intelligence Service) and the French state was wiped out. The killing of Ömer Güney is an approach of denial that does not recognize and ignores the will of the Kurdish women, youth and all the Kurdish people and their friends, who are in a determined and outstanding struggle to enlighten the massacre. The French state has become a partner in crime by manifesting a joint approach like the fascist dictator Erdoğan, who drifted Turkey into a state of chaos and fascism. The French and Turkish states with their intelligence services have adopted a joint approach of denial towards the Kurdish people. This situation prompted the reaction and anger of all Kurdish women, youth and all other circles that give a joint fight against fascism. It has become a reason for a stronger struggle against injustice, oppression and massacre."

'Let's show our determination on the streets'

The KCDK-E statement continued:

“For this reason, we will take place in the actions to be staged all around the world between 6-9 January under the leadership of TJK-E, express our anger, reaction and determination as in 2013 when the triple murder took place, and make it clear to the French state that this massacre will not be left in the dark.

Leader Öcalan made the following determination: ‘Killing Sakine Cansız is not any different than killing me; this is a second Dersim massacre.' This massacre was actually the response of those, who did not want the Kurdish problem resolved and instead persisted in war, that the policy of denial and annihilation would be resumed.

As in the Paris killings, we have experienced how this strategy against the Kurdish people has been deepened further and maintained up to this day. The response to all these has been the determination and resistance that served to enhance the struggle all the time.

In accordance with the action calendar announced by the Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe, TJK-E, our people living in Europe, especially women and youth, should show their resistance at the highest level and participate strongly in all actions on this basis. In the marches and rallies to be held, determination for struggle should be displayed and participation should be ensured on this basis.”