Journalists and parliamentarians condemn Turkey's attacks against Kurdistan

Journalists and parliamentarians, who reacted to the simultaneous aggression by the Turkish state against Kurdistan, evaluated Turkey as "hypocritical" and criticized the media that did not put the invasion attacks on the agenda.

Reactions are spreading to the invasion attack launched by the Turkish state in Medya Defense Areas with NATO support and KDP partnership.

NATO's support for the invasion attacks, against which different circles, especially the Kurdish people, reacted, was emphasized. Journalists and parliamentarians reacted to the simultaneous aggression by the Turkish state against the Kurdish people. Turkey, ironically, was given the role of "mediation" in the war between Russia and NATO-protected Ukraine.


Ewa Ernst-Dziedzic, spokesperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Austrian Parliament from the Green Party, said on her Twitter account, “After the war in #Ukraine, #Turkey launched an attack against the Kurdish militias in northern Iraq. "It is hypocritical of Erdogan to present himself as a peace broker in the #RussiaUkraineWar and at the same time accelerate an attack on neighbouring countries to the south in violation of international law."


German Green Party Parliamentarian Max Lucks, who was elected in Bochum, said on his Twitter account that the invading Turkish state actually harmed NATO. "Turkey has been conducting an intense military operation against the Kurdistan region in Northern Iraq for days. Turkey is harming the entire NATO and itself with its illegal operation. These illegal attacks must end as soon as possible. A political and diplomatic response is needed for the solution to the Kurdish problem!”


German ARD Editor-in-Chief George Restle, said that the invading Turkish state attacks are not adequately covered in the press. He wrote on his Twitter account: "Dear colleagues, even if Russia's war against Ukraine rightfully dominates the news, Turkey's war against Kurds should be more important to us than a footnote."