Joint operation by the SDF and Iraqi army at Iraq-Syria border

The Operation Jazeera Storm launched by the SDF continues at full steam. The last phase of the campaign is being conducted near the Iraqi-Syrian border in coordination with the Iraqi army with the support of the international coalition.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Iraqi army are cooperating in the final phase of the Operation Jazeera Storm to liberate the remaining areas under ISIS occupation.

In the operations in coordination with the Iraqi army, SDF forces are establishing the locations of ISIS gangs and going into action. They are blocking the passing route of the gangs and preventing their movement in the border area.

In addition, checkpoints are being set up on both sides of the border in the areas that have been liberated from ISIS. An attentive work is being conducted for the protection of the civilians in the region.

Iraqi army warplanes are shelling the positions of the gangs in coordination with the SDF and the international coalition.

Speaking about the developments in the border regions, SDF Command Member Shatir Hesen said they are working with the Iraqi army at both sides of the border and aim to close all the ways that ISIS could use.

Hesen remarked that their cooperation with the Iraqi army will continue until the entire border region is liberated and security is maintained.

He added that their operations with the Iraqi army will reach their objectives in the coming days.