Jinen Tirejen Roje set fire to two textile factories and 15 vehicles

The Jinen Tirejen Roje Initiative announced that they set fire to two textile factories and 15 vehicles, 10 of which belong to prison wardens.

The Jinen Tirejen Roje Initiative released a statement announcing the details of their latest actions targeting fascists in Istanbul, Sakarya and Uşak.

The Initiative saluted the guerrilla resistance against the invaders, and the Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan.

According to the statement,

On September 28, 10 luxury vehicles were burned and rendered unusable at 3 different points in a neighbourhood where mostly fascist prison wardens live in Hendek district of Sakarya.

The same day, the Initiative set fire to 5 vehicles in Şile, Istanbul.

On September 27, a four-storey textile factory belonging to a “fascist” businessman named M.K. who has been closely followed for a long while, was burned to ashes in Hadımköy, Istanbul.

In Ulubey district of Uşak, a textile factory “belonging to fascist businessmen supporting AKP-MHP” was burned and rendered unusable. The action caused a material damage of billions of Turkish liras.