Jinên Tîrêjên Rojê Initiative targets prison wardens

Jinên Tîrêjên Rojê Initiative announced that they carried out multiple actions in many cities to protest the isolation imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and support hunger strike resistance in prisons.

Jinên Tîrêjên Rojê Initiative released a statement saying, “Our units carried out multiple actions in many cities to support our comrades resisting in prisons with hunger strike ongoing against isolation imposed on political prisoners, especially Leader Öcalan."

The Initiative provided the details of the latest actions they carried out as follows;

“Our units set fire to 2 fuel trucks belonging to fascist businessmen associated with the AKP in Bandırma district of Balıkesir on May 23rd. The fuel trucks were rendered entirely unusable.

On May 23rd, our units burned a fuel truck belonging to REYSAŞ logistic company associated with the AKP-MHP bloc in Bursa-Inegöl and a lorry on Bursa-Balıkesir highway.

During simultaneous actions in Tekirdağ-Ergene on May 24th, 7 fishing boat and 5 luxury vehicles belonging to fascists were burned and entirely destroyed.

On May 25th, in a neighbourhood of Silivri district of Istanbul, 4 luxury vehicles belonging to fascist and rapist prison wardens and an electric transformer were burned by our units. The neighbourhood remained deprived of power for hours. On the occasion of these actions, we announce that we will increase our actions against fascist wardens working in prisons.”