Jinên Tirejen Roje Initiative claims actions in various cities

Jinên Tirejen Roje Initiative carried out actions in various cities in Turkey staged to commemorate the martyrs of Paris and Silopi.

In a written statement the Jinên Tirejen Roje Initiative paid tribute to the Kurdish women revolutionaries murdered in Paris and Silopi.

The Initiative provided the following information regarding its recent actions:

"4 January: A shuttle bus belonging to AKP-MHP fascists was set on fire in Tekirdağ Çerkezköy.

4 January: In Kesan, Edirne, 6 vehicles belonging to Turkish fascists were set on fire by our units and made unusable.

5 January: In Hendek, Sakarya, 4 service vehicles belonging to the rapist members of the AKP were set on fire by our units and made unusable.

5 January: Our units targeted a drug production factory owned by a fascist and drug dealer AKP man in Gebze, Kocaeli. The factory was set on fire resulting in a damage of millions of Turkish liras.

6 January: Our units carried out an action in Beykoz, Istanbul, targeting the automotive salesman belonging to an AKP businessman. The workplace and 9 vehicles were set on fire and made unusable.

6 January: In Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, 2 luxury vehicles belonging to fascists and a house used for prostitution were set on fire by our units. Those exploiting prostitution were punished."