Izquierda Unida expressed its "strongest condemnation" of Turkey

Izquierda Unida has expressed its "strongest condemnation" of the aggression launched by the Turkish autocratic government of Tayyip Erdogan in northern Syria, in what is nothing more than an "unilateral act of violence.” 

IU values ​​that the Turkish authorities "simply intend to expand at all costs their area of ​​influence in the region without caring about the lives they can end and the humanitarian catastrophe they would generate, all with the complicity of the United States."

With this intervention, added IU, “they demonstrate their imperialist objectives in the Middle East. This includes the attempt to provoke a demographic change in the area, as it has already done in the Syrian region of Afrín, invaded in January 2018.”

IU reminded that “since the beginning of the war in Syria, military aggression has caused more than five million refugees, in addition to more than seven million internally displaced and displaced persons and nearly half a million deaths.”

IU continued: “Turkey and the United States are directly responsible for this situation for their active role in military aggression.”

Izquierda Unida demands a “firm condemnation by the Spanish Government and European institutions. To cease to be complicit in Erdogan's aggression against this border area of ​​Syria, the European Union must end the privileged relations it has with Turkey.” 

IU also demands "the end of EU measures that, like sanctions, have only worsened the living conditions of the Syrian population."

Likewise, IU denounces that “the subordination of the Spanish Government to the United States also makes us an instrument of Donald Trump for his aggressions, for some of which he has come to use his military bases in our country. Spain and the EU must work to reverse this situation, and support a solution based on international law and respect for the principle of people's sovereignty.”