Italians voice support for Öcalan and the Kurdish people

Kurdish and Italian demonstrators held a demonstration for solidarity with the Kurds against the Turkish state’s isolation and attacks.

A demonstration was held in Torino, Italy for the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan to be lifted.

In the demonstration held by Kurds and Italian allies in Castello Square, journalist/writer and former prosecutor Laura Shrader gave a speech. Shrader demanded the isolation imposed upon Öcalan to be lifted and protested the closing of Kurdish and opposition televisions. “Kurds open their own televisions but the dictatorial regime in Turkey, the Erdoğan regime, closes them down,” said Shrader and specifically condemned the closing of Med Nuçe. Shrader said, “We hope the ones who truly believe in democracy among our politicians won’t be silent in the face of this and develop measures.”


Shrader emphasized that only the Kurdish Freedom Movement fought for the peoples in the Middle East and condemned Öcalan being held under isolation, given he is the leader of this movement.

“Öcalan is kept in İmralı Prison alone under aggravated circumstances. Our government and other European governments also have a duty, they must take steps in solving this issue in a democratic basis,” said Shrader and continued: “This isn’t a matter that interests only Kurds, it’s also about the political developments in the Middle East and the end of the war. Mr. Öcalan is not the leader of just one people, in fact, he is the leader of many. That is why everybody must be conscious. With France closing the television network, and Belgium arresting Kurdish politicians, they are sacrificing their own democracy to Erdoğan’s threats.”


Laura Shrader ended her words with the following message: “We Italians reiterate our support for the Kurdish people and we will voice this support in all demonstrations and events. We call on everybody here to join these marches and demonstrations of support.”

Flyers were passed out and the crowd frequently chanted “Bijî Serok Apo”, “Bijî PKK” and “Bijî YPG” in the demonstration.