Iraqi President Barham Salih: Turkish state's attacks are clear threat to national security

Iraqi President Barham Salih declared that the Turkish state's attacks on South Kurdistan constitute a "clear threat to national security" and added that they "did not accept it."

Iraqi President Barhem Salih made a statement regarding the attacks by the Turkish state. "We closely follow the attacks launched by the Turkish state," he said, adding that "these attacks clearly threaten our national security. These ongoing attacks were carried out in spite of us. We have previously called for these attacks to be stopped."

Salih called for dialogue for the solution to problems and said: “We are in favour of solving the problems through dialogue and democratic methods. We have called for this many times. We reject and do not accept the continuation of the Turkish state's attacks. We expect respect for our sovereign rights.”

Salih said: “Our Iraqi foreign policy and state decisions absolutely reject the attacks of the Turkish state. We will not accept this in any way.”