Internationalists martyred in Rojava remembered in Greece

One year ago, Icelandic internationalist Haukur Hilmarsson was martyred in a Turkish artillery attack in Rojava. He and the internationalists martyred in Rojava in the Greek city of Lavrio.

In the Greek city of Lavrio, the Icelandic internationalist Haukur Hilmarsson (Nom de Guerre: Shahin Hosseini) and the internationalists martyred in Rojava were remembered at a commemoration ceremony yesterday.

Haukur Hilmarsson, a fighter from Iceland, was team commander in the International Freedom Battalion. He fought in Raqqa against the DAESH (ISIS) gangs, and he was part of the resistance in Afrin. During the defense of Afrin, Haukar Hilmarsson was martyred on 24 February last year in an artillery attack by the Turkish army in Mabeta district.

The memorial event in Lavrio was attended by anarchists, members of revolutionary organizations from Turkey and many Kurdish people. The hall was decorated with flags of the KCK, PKK, pictures of the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, Haukur Hilmarsson and the internationalists martyred in Rojava. Films were shown and speeches by the various organizations were presented.