International İmralı Delegation calls on CPT to visit İmralı

Members of the International İmralı Delegation, including Nelson Mandela's lawyer Essa Mossa, made an urgent call to the CPT to visit the Imralı Prison.

Members of the International İmralı Delegation, including Nelson Mandela's lawyer Essa Mossa, made an urgent call to the CPT to visit the Imralı Prison.

The delegation members asked the CPT to stop their approach to encourage the system of torture and isolation in İmralı Prison and heed to the concerns of millions.

The letter addressed to CPT Director Mykola Gnatovsky states that Öcalan was not allowed to see anybody since April 5, 2015 and was finally heard from for the first time since on September 11 via his brother Mehmet Öcalan.

Concerns regarding Öcalan's situation were relayed in the letter which emphasized that the concerns had grown due to the events during the July 15 coup.

The letter asks the CPT to bring the events of the night of July 15 and states that Imralı needed to be visited or the Turkish soldiers who defected to Greece should be interviewed.

The letter also includes the Kurdish people's concerns over the events and recalls that 50 Kurdish politicians in Amed and Shengal Diaspora Assembly administrators in Strasbourg had gone on a hunger strike.


The letter points out the message sent by the Kurdish People's Leader via his brother Mehmet Öcalan that stated "the issue can be resolved in 6 months if the state wishes so" and underlines that Öcalan insisted on peace attempts despite the 18 month long isolation. The letter also states that the Turkish state continues its system of torture in response.

The letter also states that despite the passing months, CPT's report on the visit in April still wasn't published, and asks that the report be shared with the public urgently.


The letter includes the criticism that despite these concerns shared by the Kurdistani and international public, the CPT "continues to act irresponsibly" and pointed out their statement on September 7 that they had visited Turkey but not Imralı Prison.


The İmralı Delegation letter states that this situation is both against the duties of the CPT and effectively means disregarding the concerns of millions of individuals, and says, "The CPT isn't doing anything, and implicitly supports and encourages the isolation and torture imposed upon Abdullah Öcalan by the Turkish government".

The International İmralı Delegation letter concludes with a call to publish details on the visit in April, and taking the demand of millions and visiting Öcalan in Imralı Prison at once.

The letter in the name of the International İmralı Delegation is signed by the following individuals:

Judge Essa Moosa (Delegation Chair), International Peace and Reconciliation Initiative (South Africa),

Prof. Kariane Westrheim EU-Turkey Civilian Commission Chair, University of Bergen and former member of Rafto Board (Norway)

Fr. Joe Ryan, Westminster Justice And Law Commission Chair (UK)

Thomas Jeff Miley,  Cambridge University Political Sociology Department (UK)

Federico Venturini,  School of Geography, University of Leeds (UK)

Radha D’ Souza; University of Westminster, School of Law  (UK)

Janet Biehl, Author and Editor (US)

Francesco Andrade Velasco, Former Minister of Culture (Ecuador)

Andrej Hunko, Die Linke Federal MP (Germany)

Dimitri Roussopoulos, Canada Transnational Institute for Social Ecology founder

Eirik Eiglad, Author and Publisher (Norway)

Lucena Gonzalez Edgar de Jesus, Venezuela National Assembly member, MP