International Delegation visits Justice Vigil activists

The mission of the 'International Delegation for a Solution to the Kurdish Question and Against Isolation' visited the relatives of prisoners on Justice Vigil in Istanbul.

A delegation from Europe arrived in Istanbul on Tuesday for talks against the absolute isolation imposed on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who is held in İmralı F Type High Security Closed Prison and has not been heard from for 35 months. The mission of the 'International Delegation for a Solution to the Kurdish Question and Against Isolation', including parliamentarians, will be making a series of visits for two days. The delegation yesterday paid its first visit to the Asrin Law Office, which represents Abdullah Öcalan and his fellow prisoners in Imrali.

The delegation then visited the Human Rights Association (IHD) Istanbul Branch and the Istanbul Provincial Organization of the Peoples Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party).

The delegation continued its contacts with civil society organizations and political parties in Istanbul on the second day and visited today the relatives of prisoners who have been protesting for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan and for a political solution to the Kurdish question.

Accompanied by DEM Party Foreign Affairs Co-Spokespersons Ebru Günay and Berdan Öztürk, the delegation visited the DEM Party's Küçükçekmece District Organization where the Justice Vigil action is taking place.

The delegation met with relatives of prisoners wearing white aprons with the inscription "Isolation is a crime against humanity" and was welcomed by Mehmet Şafi Erol, Co-Chair of Marmara Association for Assistance and Solidarity with Families of Prisoners and Detainees (MATUHAY-DER).

The protesters expressed their pleasure over the visit and shared information about their action.

The relatives of prisoners stated that their main demand is the lifting of the isolation against Abdullah Öcalan and his physical freedom. They emphasized that they would continue their struggle until their demands are met.

The members of the delegation stated that they were impressed by the struggle of the activists in the Justice Vigil and emphasized that they would stand in solidarity with them.

The visit ended with applause and slogans. The delegation members will hold a press conference at the DEM Party Istanbul Provincial Organization.