Internal Dialogue Committee calls on Kurdish forces to ease tension

Stating that the conflict and tension between the Kurdish forces must end as soon as possible, the Internal Dialogue Committee called on all Kurdish forces to establish more dialogue.

The Internal Dialogue Committee, which was established by initiative of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) and the Kurdistan Parliamentary Union as well as independent personalities, issued a written statement regarding the tension between Kurdish forces in recent days.

The statement, which called on all organizations and parties in Kurdistan to take a sincere and positive stance to ease the situation, said: "The tension between Kurdish forces in recent days has reached an alarming level. The people of Kurdistan are worried about this situation, as it reminds them of the dark days of the civil war. Undoubtedly, this situation creates an opportunity for the enemies of Kurdistan who want to continue with their occupation plans. There are many opportunities for the people of Kurdistan and political forces to make the Kurdistan cause successful in this period. Let's work together to find opportunities instead of civil war for the interests of the people of Kurdistan.”

The Internal Dialogue Committee, which consists of various institutions and individuals from the four parts of Kurdistan, added: “We have been trying to mediate and pave the way for dialogue from the very beginning. The committee visited the parties directly involved as well as most of the other Kurdish parties. We will continue this work and do our best for peace and stability.

We call on organizations and parties in all parts of Kurdistan to take a sincere and positive stance to ease the situation. We also invite all personalities, intellectuals and academics in Kurdistan to take a courageous stance, mediate and work to bring stability. We also call on the Kurdish forces and our people to act more responsibly, to stop the attacks and not to increase the fire of conflict even more. All the people of Kurdistan must demonstrate their reaction through democratic means in order to prevent the spread of tensions and conflicts."