Intelligence technology blown up at site of massacre in Paris

In Paris, police blew up a container of suspected intelligence technology near the Ahmet Kaya Cultural Centre. While police say they feared it was a bomb, the media speak of evidence destruction.

Just one street away from the Ahmet Kaya Cultural Centre in Paris, where Evîn Goyî, executive council member of the KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union), was shot dead on 23 December 2022, along with Kurdish musician Mîr Perwer and long-time activist Abdurrahman Kızıl, a vehicle carrying intelligence equipment was discovered during a routine police check at around 8.30 pm last Friday. Instead of examining the vehicle, it was assumed to be a bomb and the car was blown up. The neighbourhood had been cordoned off beforehand. A device equipped with a Wi-Fi router could be seen in the vehicle. After the blast, it was determined that it was not a bomb. Images of the device suggest that it may be an IMSI catcher, used to intercept mobile phone traffic and Wi-Fi in the area. It appears to be intelligence equipment. For the police, the case seems to be closed as it was not a bomb. However, according to Le Parisien, the intelligence service was called in because the device was an information-gathering device, which also points to an IMSI catcher or similar device.

In view of the alleged intelligence technology, however, many speak of a cover-up and destruction of evidence in connection with the attack of 23 December. Among other things, an IMSI catcher can be used to determine which mobile phone is in which radio cell. There is strong suspicion that it was not a racist lone perpetrator but the Turkish secret service that was behind the murders in Paris.