Intellectuals and deputies in Luxembourg against Turkish invasion

The Luxembourg Peace and Freedom Platform, which includes parliamentarians, writers, journalists and ecologists, held a rally to protest the Turkish state.

Devid Wegner and Martine Kleinberg, MPs from the Left Party, artists, journalists, writers, engineers, ecologists and left-wing groups came together to create the Luxembourg Peace and Freedom Platform.

The platform promoted a demonstration condemning the Turkish state's invasion of North-East Syria.

A mass of people from all four parts of Kurdistan gathered in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Speaking at the rally held here, Left Party deputy Devid Wagner stated that the current ceasefire process was inadequate and that the Turkish army continued to attack the Kurds.

Wagner said the Turkish army must withdraw completely from the territory of Rojava and a no-fly zone should be established.

A spokesman for the Luxembourg Peace and Freedom Platform said that European countries should suspend their economic and political relations with the Turkish state.

Following the speeches, the crowd marched from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Luxembourg Municipality and the Ministry of Justice.